On This Day

** THIS APP IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH FACEBOOK, or meant to compete with the “On This Day” feature that Facebook recently rolled out **


This is an Android app that shows what song was in the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts for the day given. In the future this app will also show album art for the returned song, if available, along with maybe a link to buy the song on services like Google Play. Additionally, features like showing significant events in history that occurred on the given day will be displayed.


The internet permission is required to retrieve the information for display and for performance tracking through Google Analytics and New Relic. Analytics and ad data collected subject to the privacy policy.


Get it on Google Play.


Source code for this app is published (and will be updated eventually) on GitHub.

A web version of this app is in ALPHA and is available to play with at: onthisday.teamrampage.net!

Comments on this app are always welcome here.