Auctionease Companion

** This app only works with the Auctionease Suite **

The Auctionease Companion Android App (AECompanion) is a simple tool that works with the Auctionease Suite to simplify the lotting process. AECompanion makes it easy to take pictures of items while creating lot listings for an auction in Auctionease. The app features a simple user interface that focuses on the lot pictures, while making the details of transferring the images to the local server and and any web galleries abstract, a few simple settings are all that is needed to use the app, the Auctionease suite takes care of the rest!

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A Quick Walk Through

AECompanion is easy to use, once set up all you need to do is to take a picture and tell AECompanion what the lot number is; AECompanion works with the Auctionease Suite to take care of the chore of sorting, marking, and uploading the lot pictures to the various online web galleries and Web Bidder Portal!


In the Settings are of the AECompanion app, simply enter the Auctionease host used during the lotting process, and choose whether or not you want the pictures to also be stored on your phone (all settings except for the Auctionease host are optional as the defaults are just fine). Simple as that! Take a pic, enter the lot number, and move on to the next lot!


Where Are My Pictures?

The pictures are stored on the designated local server for your installation as follows: "<HD_DRIVE>/Auctionease/auction-images/<YYYYMM>/". Just make sure that any changes or editing are done before uploading the images and that the filenames are not changed.



Why does the app need the permissions it asks for? find out below:

Storage – So that the app can save the pictures it takes.

Camera – Of course the app needs to use your camera!

Network Communication –  These permissions allow the app to talk to the rest of the Auctionease Suite over the local network, also allows collection of anonymous usage information through Google Analytics and New Relic.

System Tools – To test if the external storage is available (such as your SD card to store pictures).

Network Communication – To be able to test if a network connection is available.